Terms Of Use

Carefully read these terms of use and privacy policy that affect your obligations and legal rights. If you do not accept these, do not use our service.

By accessing or using our services or any part of them; You agree and agree to abide by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, all applicable laws and regulations, Please read the Privacy Policy to learn how we collect, use, process and protect your personal data.

If you do not accept these terms, you must stop accessing or using our services immediately. Services; The applications owned and operated by TomoChain PTE, TomoX, TomoWallet, TomoScan, TomoMaster, TomoIssuer, TomoRelayer, TomoStats, TomoBridge and other products.

Cryptocurrency(s) means a digital currency, also called token / token, that uses encryption techniques that work independently from the central bank to regulate the production of currency units and verify the transfer of the currency.

We reserve the right to change, add or remove the terms contained in these terms at any time for any reason.


You may use our services only if permitted by law in your home country. Please make sure that these conditions comply with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to you.

Do Not Use Our Services To Break The Law

You agree that you will not violate any law while using our services. This includes local, regional, state, federal, national, or international laws that may apply to you. You agree that you will not use our services to pay, support, or otherwise operate for illegal activities, including but not limited to illegal gambling, fraud, money laundering or terrorist activities. If we find that you have violated this agreement or other regulatory requirements by participating in money laundering or financing terrorist activities, you may receive a proportional disciplinary action. You also agree not to encourage any third party to participate in any of the activities prohibited under this section.


You are solely responsible for ensuring the security of your private key and any reminder (backup) statements associated with your wallet. You should keep your wallet address, reminder (backup) statement, and private key access information secure. Failure to do so may result in loss of control of cryptocurrencies associated with the wallet.

BorsaDEX Wallet Cannot Provide Your Password

Our services may store your wallet address, but do not receive or store your wallet password, encrypted private key, unencrypted private key, or reminder (backup) statement associated with your wallet. For this reason, we cannot assist you in recovering the wallet password. If you cannot remember your original password, we cannot create a new password for your wallet. If you lose your wallet password, you agree that the cryptocurrencies associated with the address cannot be accessed.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

Transactions and cryptocurrencies transactions in BorsaDEX are approved and registered in the relevant blockchain. By using our services, you agree that the transaction details you submit may not be completed or delayed by the TomoChain masternodes.

Once the transaction details have been submitted through the services, we cannot help you cancel or otherwise change your transaction. Before starting a transaction, make sure you have a sufficient balance in your wallet and / or gas. You agree that we will not be liable for unsuccessful transactions due to insufficient funds or gas associated with your account.

- Errors, interruptions, errors or delays in the processing of cryptocurrencies you may encounter while using the services

- Risk of hardware, software and internet connections failing

- Risk of another malicious software infecting the software we use for our services

- The risk that third parties gain unauthorized access to the information stored in your wallet, including but not limited to your Wallet address, private key, and reminder (backup) expression.

- Risk of unknown vulnerabilities or unexpected changes in TomoChain networks

- Any software or service related to the cryptocurrency by the user, such as forgotten passwords and payments sent to incorrect coin addresses

- Software issues such as TomoChain's and/or cryptocurrency-related software or services, such as corrupt wallet file, incorrectly configured transactions, unsafe encryption libraries, malware and / or cryptocurrency-related software or services that affect the wallet.

- Technical failures in the hardware of the user of any cryptocurrency-related software or service, for example, data loss caused by a faulty or damaged storage device

- Security problems experienced by any user for any cryptocurrency related software or service, such as unauthorized access to users' wallets and / or accounts

- Third-party and/or third-party events, such as bankruptcy of service providers, information security attacks on service providers, and fraud by third parties

Any cryptocurrency is exposed to significant risk in the exchange process. Any transaction involving currencies includes risks, including, but not limited to, the potential for changing economic conditions that can significantly affect the price or liquidity of a currency. Investments in cryptocurrency speculations can be sensitive to sharp increases and decreases as relevant market values ​​fluctuate. Therefore, it is recommended to use only venture capital when speculating in such markets.

Cryptocurrency market is a risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks. BorsaDEX is not liable for users’ investment gains or losses. The services anc informations we provide are for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice.


Materials appearing on our services may include technical, typographic or photographic errors. BorsaDEX does not guarantee that any materials in its services are correct, complete or up-to-date, may make changes without notice on the materials included in the services at any time, and does not make any commitment to update the materials.


Users of our services are solely responsible for determining that taxes, if any, will apply to cryptocurrency transactions. BorsaDEX or contributors of our services are not responsible for determining the taxes levied on cryptocurrency transactions.


These terms of use were last changed on June 1, 2020.   

Privacy Policy

This policy (together with our terms of use) explains, determines the basis of when we collect personal information about the information of people using our services, how we use it, and when we collect personal information about others, and explains the measures we take to ensure its security.

By using our services, you agree to the practices described in this policy. Please note that this confirms the collection and processing of the personal information you provide, as described below. We may change this policy from time to time, so please check back from time to time to make sure you accept the changes. Your continued use of our services will mean that you accept and accept the changes.


BorsaDEX values ​​privacy and works together to minimize and eliminate exposure to personal data as much as possible during the use of our interface. Neither BorsaDEX nor TomoChain collects, holds or stores your keys, account information or passwords.


Due to the natural transparency of many blockchains, including the TomoChain Blockchain, it may be publicly accessible to people's transactions through TomoChain. This includes, but is not limited to, your public shipping address, the recipient's public address, the quantity sent or received, and other data that a user chooses to include in a particular transaction. Information stored in a blockchain can be public, unchanging, and difficult or even impossible to remove or delete. Transactions and addresses may reveal information about the user's identity and potentially be associated with this information or any person who chooses it in the future, including law enforcement. Users should review how privacy and transparency in blockchain work.


You can give us personal information by correspondence with us via email, twitter or chat via telegram. The personal information you provide may include your name, e-mail, address, phone number, IP address, language preference, and information about the pages you access. By providing us with this information, you expressly permit us to use your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. We use the information we have about you to provide support and service. BorsaDEX does not monitor users to provide targeted advertising on third-party websites and therefore does not respond to Tracking (DNT) signals.


We use the information we have about you to provide support and service.

Provide the information or services you request from us, including answering your questions, questions and / or providing customer service, including Personal Information we collect from you and about you (1); (2) monitoring and analyzing usage and trends, personalizing and improving your experience of using the Services and Services; and (3) with your consent for any other purpose.
We regularly review our retention periods for personal information. We will keep your personal information in our systems as long as necessary for the relevant activity.


We will not sell your personal information to anyone and we will not disclose it except as described below; (1) we can share to fulfill your purpose; (2) with your consent; (3) for legal, protection and security purposes; (4) to comply with any court order, law or legal process, including responding to any government or regulatory requests; (5) protect the rights of our agents, customers and others, including enforcing our contracts, policies and terms of service; and (6) our service providers working for us.

Service providers: We may contract with third parties to perform functions related to the Services. Generally, service providers may only access your personal information to the extent necessary to perform their business functions, but may not use or share this personal information for purposes beyond the scope of their service-related functions.


Our website may contain links to third party websites or applications. You are no longer subject to this Policy after clicking on such a link and leaving BorsaDEX or being redirected to a third-party website or app. The information you provide on these sites is subject to the third party's privacy policy and we are not responsible for the privacy and security practices and policies of these third party sites or apps.


We are committed to protecting the security of personal information.  While we take steps to help ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee our security measures.

In certain cases, you will also have the following rights:

Right of Access: You have the right to access and request specific information about your personal information we hold.

Right of Deletion/Right to Be Forgotten: The right to withdraw this consent and the right to request that we delete or delete your Personal Information from our systems, if the processing of your information is subject to your consent (but this is when we need to hold the information to comply with any legal obligation or that the information constitutes any legal claim. or if it requires our defense).

Right to Restrict Use of Your Information: The right to stop us from using your personal information or limit the way we use it.

Right to Data Portability: The right to request that we return the information you provide in a structured, widely used and machine-readable form or send it directly to another technically possible company.

Right to Appeal: The right to object to our use of your personal information, including where we use it for our legitimate interests.

Requests regarding the above rights should be sent to the following address: info@borsadex.com

We will retain the information you provide to process your request, provide support and / or perform and fulfill our promotions. If you request support, we will not be able to hold your information for more than six (6) months. If you participate in a promotion, we will protect your information until ninety (90) days before the promotion is completed and any rewards, awards or offers are completed. Then your personal information will be deleted.


In forms or emails you send with a support request, never share any information you suspect to be stolen. The information contained in the e-mails can be viewed by third parties. BorsaDEX cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted from your e-mails under any circumstances.


BorsaDEX can obtain information about the users of the website using a technical communication file (cookie). Said technical communication files are small text files that a website sends to the user's browser to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the internet by storing the status and preferences about the site.

The technical contact dossier helps to obtain statistical information about how many people visit the site, how many times a person visits the site, and how long they stay on the site, and dynamically generate advertisements and content from user-designed user pages. The technical communication file is not designed to retrieve data or any other personal information from the main memory or from your email. Most browsers were originally designed to accept the technical communication file, but users can change the settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or be alerted when the technical communication file is sent.


We may change this policy from time to time. We may also provide additional notification depending on the type of change. If you object to any changes, you can stop using the services. If you continue to use the services after you have published or otherwise notified of any changes we have made to the policy, it means that you accept the updated policy.

We regularly review this policy. This Policy was last updated on June 1, 2020.