Cryptocurrency Exchange
of Turkey

Trade with your own wallet
without sending your assets to our exchange.

How To Use

Child's play.

Everything is easy, everything is fast, everything is made with you in mind.

Get A Tomo Wallet

Get a wallet via Web, iOS or Android TomoWallet.


Go to
and unlock your wallet.


Open TomoWallet > Dapp Browser and go to

Detailed Information

Read the User Guide for more information on usage.


Your private key, your cryptocurrencies.

The crypto assets that you keep in centralized exchanges are not yours!
Trade with your own wallet on BorsaDEX.

Your Own Wallet

Make your transactions directly with your own wallet(s).

You're In Control

Your assets cannot be stolen as a result of hacking our exchange or your assets can't be frozen due to your transactions.

We Don't Care Your ID

No registration or KYC procedure.
Connect your wallet and start trading.

P2P Lending

Borrow/lend between other users.

Low Commission

We only get 0.001% commission from trade transactions.

Use from Mobile

You can access BorsaDEX with Tomo Wallet.

High Liquidity

BorsaDEX shares the same order book with all exchanges running on TomoX. Thanks to the shared order book, it provides high liquidity.


10000 trades can be done per second.

Access from Anywhere

Works as dApp in decentralized network.

User Friendly

Unlike most decentralized exchanges, holding the native coin is not required for trading. Fees are not taken from native coin (TOMO); simply taken from the token itself, providing a user-friendly experience that only centralized exchanges currently provide.

Full Decentralization

Order Book and Matching Engine are stored and processed in TomoChain masternodes to ensure the security and integrity of funds and orders. This is removing traditional attack vectors used on centralized and permissioned decentralized exchanges.

Transfers with Smart Contract

Funds are replaced by smart contracts between users' wallets, not by standard transfer.